Saturday, July 2, 2011

New blog

Hey guys, I've tried using a different blog for now, since it should correct some things I couldn't correct here, I have posted stuff there before, check them out

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm back... Again

Well, once again it has taken some time for me to get back to blogging... There have been a lot of busy days, and some where I am just really lazy to do anything. Though today, I was finally able to..

I was looking around The Dressing Room and found this Western outfit from Fishy Strawberry

Along with 3 glasses, from the TDR as well

I just gotta love this fence ! 

Woops, lost my balance a bit. Guess I'm still a bit sleepy

Just hanging around

There are 10 poses in the fence and I'm just showing you some obviously :P

Lol as always, here are some snaps of the face

Another job well done by Miss Murder Skins. This skin had a mommy and daughter skin option, so to all mothers and daughters that want to look fabulous and at the same time look the same, well here's the solution.
Mommy&me Cooper skin by MM- There are different make up options in there.

See the difference? Well, you see the one above this picture, the one with the darker lips is wearing one of the many kinds of make up in the Miss Murder Make up pack 1[Nude Make up 3] This one though is the skin without the makeup.

Nails are Choco Milk from Candy Nail [LB] and The bangle was part of the Torn black outfit by Divalicious

I wanted you to get a closer look at this, see the details?

Now, you might have seen this from the photos above and yes it is part of the boot. 

Grr, there was supposed to be another picture for this post, it was going to show the shadows for the fence since in the ones above, i had it under/pulled it under, but it won't let me !! :( Well, I'll just post it at another time then. Glitterati - fence [marketplace]

Friday, May 6, 2011


Hey everyone, its summer and thought maybe you could use a few things for summer as well? 

First thing's first: Haircut ! A group gift from tram

A lot of quick posts recently, though hopefully, will be back to my old self soon.

Bikini : Hucci subscribe gift
Lace Dresses : Vogue the cherry is free while the black and white are group gifts
Accessories : free and dollarbie by Fairy Tail the scepter comes with poses
yes the skin is from miss murder [previously blogged]

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hey guys, its another one of my busy days grr. I wasn't even able to make a post yesterday, though today I'm here with a quickie. Ok so, I was able to do a hunt yesterday at ~Simply~ They have 40 roses all over the store, filled with clothes, gestures, tattoos and accessories. The hunt is quite easy, you'd be able to spot the red roses easily.

Enticing Ruched Dress

Flirt - Green

Safari Bikini - Giraffe

There are just some of the clothes you could get. I'm not really sure how long the hunt will last so get there ASAP ! XD

Hair is Shaken not stirred (Vivacious Blondes Pack) by Clawtooth . They're having a 50% off sale on hair so, get there ASAP as well 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Miss Murder

Skins for all types of people...

Quote of the Day:

Anyway, what makes people youthful is the quality of their skin and I don't think you can change that. ~ Nigella Lawson ~

Well, luckily in sl you can change your skin as much as you want, though of course nothing can beat skins of high quality. I have previously blogged of MM, but I would like to once again introduce:  Miss Murder

Dublin - I could say its got more of a chocolate mood to it, not only because of the color but also because of the smooth line and rich "attitude" it has. [No not rich as is financially, but more of the "personality" or "appeal" it gives]

It comes with a cleavage option in form  of a tattoo. I do think that the skins look much better with the cleavage, though its also great without it. It pretty handy when wearing dresses, swimsuits etc. I love how its shaded, it looks real, though its also not over the top with it. There are some cleavages that just make the chest look too big or look too shaded with the lines, looking like they are always overshadowed by the head or something.

Looking at my back, you see how the lines look very sexy. They'd be great with open-back dresses. The butt cheeks would also look great with short shorts.

Moscow - Now the lighter skin tones. I gotta say that the first thing I noticed about this skin was the lines on the stomach. Since the skin was lighter the lines would most likely not pop out or would be not that noticeable, though as you can see here,  there are the lines, making the body look perfectly fit.

You just have to notice the face, since its balanced, dark lashes and eyeshadow and light colored lips, since I think its going for more of a natural casual look. You wouldn't wear dark makeup everyday, or would you? I could prolly wear the same makeup rl when I'm gonna watch a movie or maybe when I go to the park. Its like just putting a little color on the face.

Look at the eyebrows, its all quite natural, don't you think so too? 

Paris - Alright so, the fair skin; not too dark, not too light. It perfect for those girl's night out, dates or perhaps matching it with an elegant dress.

The skin is the usual shade most people have, even in rl, which is one of the reasons why it's also a great addition to your skins. If this is the shade of your skin rl or if you just find this great, why not just buy it then?

If you take a closer look, or even if you don't.. just look how every skin perfectly fits the cleavage option

Gotta love the make up, perfect with my red dress *winks* Look at the lips, that is the same color of lipstick I use when going out.

Rome - Are you into or are a Goth? Well, this is a great addition to your sl skins. It is a little bit darker when it comes to the shade, but you could also clearly see body details.

Feeling a lil down? Maybe you want a skin that could fit with your mood. It has the whole "moody" look, but with elegance and attitude.

Like it? Even if you're feeling up and "sunny" there's no reason why you couldn't also get the skin right? You could match it with a little black dress or maybe even a casual look? Its up to you how you make your outfit. But take note of how detailed and beautiful the make up is. Even has freckles ♥ [yes i love freckles on the skin]

Whatever skin you need, whatever color it may be, check out Miss Murder skins, where skins and items are affordable but are of high quality. I assure you, there are skins worth more than the quality while with MM skins are affordable but could compete with big skin shops.

A big thank you to Ms. Alissa

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quick post

Hey everyone, its kinda a busy day for me, so I'll be posting a quickie. I need to continue my duties rl quick so here:

 Look at my Laying Panda!!!!! Its so cute, and it comes with poses. I got it from the BSC Hunt on Loka. I use the panda on my own home btw. I have people saying they like it. Its kind of like my big couch, though its only around 11 prims

Agnes April Butterfly

Skin - Maya Peach 04 - Group gift Essences There is a cleavage option [tattoo or undershirt]

April Blossom

Hair - Komachi by Junwave You just gotta check their hair out, very affordable. A lot of sale going on. Hair only costing around 80L. You could see the work done, very lovely. They got all sorts of hair there, yes, even guy's hair. 

one of the many poses

Skin - Katy - sale [shape and skin] Essences

Well, the standing poses are of course not form the panda, since I wanted to show how the dress looks completely so its only necessary to stand.

Hair is Minami from Junwave as well. [2L] There is also a group gift

Maya [dress]

Dresses are from Agnes Finney They are to be found infront of the store. They are special discounts if you join the group or subscribed. [There is a group fee, but its worth the price] There are a lot more dresses and discounts there. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter outfit

Good morning ^.^ I woke up earlier feeling a little tired still, and when I logged on sl, I thought, if I woke up a little tired, so should my avi,  right? So I thought maybe a little "easter-y" something could help brighten the day.

I was looking at the marketplace and I was able to see this Green polka dot dress. Its an Easter Marketplace Special by Cynful. You could buy it for only 60 L. It says in the description it was only available till April 29, so grab it till its still there !

You could clearly see the top part has a prim. I personally prefer dresses of this type to have prim tops similar to this one. It does not only make your chest look "enhanced" it also balances the dress [babydoll dresses most of the time] since the skirt go way up till just below the breasts. If you are like "flat chested" The prim top would give you more shape.

Here is a closer shot of the fabric they used. Pretty ain't it? 

The hair is called Cadence by Calael. Yes, Charlotte is the girl I was talking about in the previous post. This is one of beautiful creations. You could see how it clearly fits my head. Its a great look for that casual attire, or even that semi formal look you do when going out.

The skin is on of the previous TDR items by Glam Affair - Sakura [TDR 27] I can't really put a link for the same skin itself, though I could give you the link for Glam Affair Skins

See how it easily fits different shapes? From my asian kind of look earlier to a shape with wider eyes and lips.
Now take a look at the lines on the neck. This is actually my favorite part in the Glam Affair Skins. 

Now, see how detailed the cheeks look. 

 I would also want you to take a closer look at the texture of the hair. See the lines and shades it has. Never a dull and lifeless hair with Calael. Cadence only 25 L Check out her other stuff too, from hair, to skin to lashes. You'll see all sorts of items to make your avatar prettier.